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The New England Traffic Safety Education Association (NETSEA) is an regional association of driver and traffic safety education instructors. From all over the region and beyond,  traffic safety educators come to associate with like-minded professionals.

Our goals are to improve driver safety and encourage professional ethics in this industry. For over 40 years, we have striven to bring high standards to driver education and traffic safety. Although our struggle to make our roads safe and our road users better prepared is a never-ending one, we have made it our continued mission to lead the driver and traffic safety industry in this endeavor.

Bringing liked-minded, thoughtful, and caring professionals together, we work together to make even greater strides in driver safety for all.

NETSEA Mission Statement

NETSEA strives to advocate excellence in the delivery of instruction by traffic safety professionals. NETSEA provides leadership and expertise, promotes high quality curriculum standards, professional development, best educational practices, teacher re-certification opportunities, and public awareness that values driver education and traffic safety.

NETSEA Vision Statement

NETSEA will be recognized as a leader in traffic safety education strategies and be included as an integral part of state highway safety plans and evolving safety challenges.

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